The Benefits Of Crescent Womb Baby Hammock

A sleeping baby is a beautiful thing.

The Crescent Womb Infant Safety Bed is a hammock made of mesh that is attached to the side of a baby’s crib. Newborns are placed in the center of the crescent womb baby hammock, where they are suspended as it conforms to their body and allows the baby to curl into the fetal position. It is the closest thing to allowing a child to sleep in its parents’ arms.



  • Recreate the womb: By mimicking the beneficial properties of the womb we developed the optimal conditions to sooth and promote healthy development for babies. There are no dangerous hinges or electronics, just an ergonomic design that naturally replicates your embrace.
  • Reduce Risk of Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly):​ Positional Plagiocephaly (aka Flathead Syndrome) can result from sleeping in a stationary position on a flat, firm mattress. Traditional baby mattresses put your newborn at risk.
  • An Easier Transition: Infancy is stressful. The first few months of a baby’s life are a major transition and growth period. So much so it’s often referred to as the “fourth trimester.” Newborns are still very much adjusting to life outside the womb. Crescent Womb Baby Hammock is designed to ease the transition from being in the womb to being in the world. To help them cope we re-created a womb-like environment. Supporting them with a soothing, familiar environment will also help soothe a colicky baby. By supporting the baby just like the mother’s womb it creates the safest place outside of a parent’s arms.
  • Healthy Spinal Curve: Healthy spine development is dependent on what is known as the “C Curve”. Traditional cradles force infants to lay flat. Laying your infant flat on their back stretches the c-curved spine into a straight line, against their natural shape. Research shows that keeping an infant’s spine straight can be detrimental. Research backed by the American Academy of Pediatrics states that “with prolonged sleep on a firm mattress can produce positional disorders and infants with decreased muscle tone (Short, 1996)”.
  • Reduces Startle ReflexThe startle or “moro” reflex is a natural reflex for babies during early infancy. While this reflex is common some babies can startle themselves awake during sleep. Crescent Womb Baby Hammock can help newborns self-sooth and prevent them from waking up due to the unique shape and function. As a result, you can expect a more restful sleep for both baby and parent.
  • Ideal Micro-climate: Because of the permeated mesh and the elimination of mattress pads or heavy bedding maintaining a healthy body temperature is a breeze, no pun intended. Crescent Womb significantly reduces the risk of overheating.
  • Incredibly Versatile: Crescent Womb is the first ever infant sleeper that you can truly take anywhere. Folding up to the size of the average baby blanket and weighing about the same, Crescent Womb® is perfect to travel with for new families. Being able to travel with your Crescent Womb means that your baby will have a consistent sleeping pattern, regardless of where your travels take you. Crescent Womb can also help babies suffering from reflux. By properly adjusting the straps on the “foot” end to lower to about a 30 degree angle Crescent Womb can safely assist in relief of infant reflux.
  • Reduce Environmental Factors Associated with SIDS cases: By using a natural, breathable, flexible, mesh we have designed our system to promote a healthy environment, regardless of a baby’s movement or positioning.


While cribs are great, they seem like a huge ocean when you place a newborn into them. They are also not conforming to the little one, to make them comfortable. Crescent Womb Baby Hammock solves this issue, by offering a safe, comfortable and cozy alternative, until they reach an age to transition into the crib itself.

You hook this up securely to the crib and baby now has an interim alternative to being placed into a huge crib. This little safety bed is great looking and very effective in helping baby feel more secure when they are laid down, so they sleep more quickly and more fully. They are also easier to get to, when you need to change them or pick them up for feeding.

Comfortable, lightweight and breathable. With the mesh bottom, it helps baby keep an even temperature, instead of overheating. This is like snuggling up to mommy, even when mommy is in her bed getting good rest herself. This combination of safety and comfort is a winner with us and I know it will be with you as well.

This product is one that will help ease some of those concerns and allow mom and dad to breathe a little relief. While it is not an end all to the problem, it is definitely a helpful step.